• Build a global community of practice for ocean accounting to ensure the diverse values of the ocean are recognised in all decision-making about social and economic development.
  • Develop a globally recognised and standardised ocean accounting guidance by 2023.
  • Support at least 30 countries by 2030 to build complete sequences of national ocean accounts.
  • Facilitate the global uptake of ocean accounts in decision-making, development planning, policies, laws, and other ocean governance processes.


  • GOAP is an Action Group of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel). GOAP ensures its objectives accelerate, scale, and implement the Ocean Panel’s commitments, as well as Sustainable Development Goal 14 (life below water), 15.9 (valuing nature in decision-making), 17.19 (measurement of progress complementing GDP), and other relevant international agendas.
  • GOAP assists in sourcing financial or in-kind support for the development and implementation of ocean accounting initiatives.
  • GOAP catalyses and connects ocean accounts experts to establish a global Expert Panel, Technical Working Groups, and facilitate the creation of ocean accounting knowledge products to advance the development and global uptake of ocean accounting.
  • GOAP provides a communication and collaboration platform for the global community of practice to engage in mutual capacity building and share knowledge on ocean accounting.