The GOAP Africa Community of Practice (ACoP) is a regional collaboration platform bringing together governments, international organisations and research institutions who are interested in learning about and developing ocean accounts in Africa.


  • Build interest in, and understanding of, ocean accounting in Africa.
  • Support countries in Africa with the development and implementation of ocean accounts.
  • Assist countries in Africa to mainstream ocean accounting into ocean governance tools, economic accounts and national development planning.
  • Provide a communication and collaboration platform for regional GOAP members and local partners to engage in mutual capacity building and share knowledge on ocean accounting.
  • Showcase how ocean accounts can support evidence-based decision-making and policy development to underpin the sustainable development of the ocean.
  • Showcase how information on the ocean and ocean resource-use can be utilised to produce statistics and indicators to aid sustainable development decision making.
  • Promote learning, science diplomacy and the creation of new knowledge to advance the development and uptake of ocean accounting in Africa.



We encourage you to reach out to us for more information, for assistance with your ocean accounting projects, and for collaboration opportunities within the ACoP, please contact the GOAP Secretariat.