6 September 2023 | Oslofjord, Norway

As the human population continues to rise, leading to increased tourism and use of resources along coastlines, ecoystems are deteriorating. To facilitate the sustainable management of Oslofjord in Norway, the MARine Ecosystem Accounting (MAREA) project was established.

Oslofjord is an inlet on the southern coast of Norway frequented by tourists, hikers and wildlife. Here, the intersection of nature conservation and coastal development has led to ecosystem degradation and deterioration.

Oslofjord, where the MAREA project is based.

MAREA will use ecosystem accounting to

  • provide decision-makers with the support they need to halt the degradation of the intricate ecosystems in the area,
  • organise the sustainable, shared use of coastal resources across sectors,
  • support Norways first government coordinated Integrated Plan for the Oslofjord (IPO), which has the overarching goal to
  • restore the deteriorated ecosystems of Oslofjord and
  • restore the flow of the fjord's ecosystem services to society and the economy.

In September, 2023, the MAREA project organised a workshop to share expertise on the use of ocean accounting for sustainable development. Maria Granada Alarcon Blazquez & Philip James from the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership Secretariat attended and:

  • Shared insights on the significance of ocean accounts in measuring economic activity, sustainability, and well-being derived from the ocean,
  • Provided illustrative examples of GOAP-supported pilot projects,
  • Explored methods to integrate diverse datasets to create accounts that genuinely reflect a country's reality, and
  • Demonstrated how these accounts can reinforce various policies.

Attendees exchanged experiences to gain invaluable insight and a deeper understanding of Norway's efforts in this space. The Secretariat is excited to witness how the MAREA project will contribute to Oslofjord's sustainable development.