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1 September 2021 – 31 March 2022

Pilot study area

Gili Matra Marine Protected Area


The Ocean Accounts of Indonesia pilot had three main objectives:

  • Conduct a national pilot on ocean accounts in Indonesia
  • Develop a roadmap for ocean accounts implementation
  • Improve knowledge and build capacity on ocean accounts among key stakeholders

Types of accounts

  • Ecosystem extent and condition
  • Flows to the economy
  • Flows to the environment
  • Governance


With reference to the Ocean Diagnostic Tool, three main methods were outlined to gather information and perspective from stakeholders:

  • (1) Indonesia’s policy framework and strategic planning
  • (2) Operationalisation and methods
  • (3) Priority, challenges, and opportunities for ocean accounts development

Challenges and lessons learned

Key Lesson Learned: A government-led initiative is important for collaborative action.

  • Challenge: Encountered various cross-sectoral interests. Solution: Collaborative action and a dedicated team.
  • Challenge: Data availability, especially for opening accounts. Solution: Deep dive into database from each institution and pool the datasets together.
  • Challenge: Understanding of methodology. Solution: Capacity building and intensive consultation with experts.


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