Become a Member

GOAP membership is open to national governments, intergovernmental institutions, representative bodies of the private sector, and research-intensive institutions (who have been granted formal not-for-profit status in their country of origin) who seek to ensure that the diverse values of the ocean are recognised in all decision-making related to social and economic development.

Membership is voluntary and entails no financial commitments. To learn more about becoming a GOAP member, please contact Members of the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership are expected to make a non-contractual commitment to the Partnership Terms of Reference.

Benefits of membership

  • Receive policy development support for ocean resources and the ocean economy.
  • Receive in-kind advisory support and help securing funding for the development and implementation of ocean accounting initiatives.
  • Gain access to GOAP’s extensive network of experts and consultants through facilitated workshops and capacity building exercises to help bridge knowledge gaps, build technical expertise and address specific challenges.
  • Share knowledge, challenges, and best practices on ocean accounting with global stakeholders.