13 June 2023 | Virtual

  • Asia & the Pacific: 09:00 Male, 14:00 Sydney, 16:00 Suva, 04:00 GMT
  • Europe, Africa & the Americas: 07:00 Los Angeles, 10:00 New York, 15:00 London, 16:00 Maputo, 14:00 GMT


Ocean accounts are gaining momentum globally due to the growing recognition that economic, environmental and social data are essential to sustainable ocean economies and the delivery of international and regional climate and biodiversity commitments.

The 4th Global Dialogue on Ocean Accounting will build on the 2019, 2021 and 2022 editions of this event to leverage this momentum to unpack how ocean accounting can be used to meet these above-mentioned commitments, as well as address cutting-edge challenges facing the sustainable development of our marine environments. The event will also lay the foundation for the 5th edition (2024) of the event which will be an in-person convening of the Global Community of Practice to exchange knowledge, share best practices, lessons learnt and innovations and align ambitions for the coming five years.


The objective of the 4th Global Dialogue is to discuss the emerging opportunities for, and utility of, ocean accounting in advancing nature-based solutions and biodiversity targets, as well as how ocean accounting can be used to address contemporary sustainable ocean development challenges including climate change action, the implementation of the high seas treaty and Sustainable Ocean Plan development.

The 4th Global Dialogue will take place virtually. To accommodate all time zones, two editions of the event will take place; one that is convenient for those in Asia and the Pacific and one that is convenient for those in Africa, the Americas and Europe. Attendees are welcome to join one or both sessions. Each event will feature case study presentations showcasing regional and multi-country collaborative efforts on ocean accounting and how ocean accounting can help meet specific regional and international commitments, as well as breakout sessions designed to exchange knowledge, identify opportunities and generate new ideas on how ocean accounting can address the above-mentioned challenges.


  • The breakout sessions will be used to identify best practices, emerging opportunities, innovation and challenges. Participants will have the opportunity to identify gaps in current knowledge and research to inform the development of new knowledge products for delivery at the 5th Global Dialogue in 2024.
  • A 'highlight reel' (video) compiling the key outcomes from the two events for global distribution.