13 June 2023 | Virtual


The 4th Global Dialogue on Ocean Accounting brought together 230 delegates from 73 countries spanning governments, international organisations, research institutions, and other stakeholders to explore national and regional ocean accounting projects, discuss how ocean accounting can be used to meet international and regional climate and biodiversity commitments, as well as address cutting-edge challenges facing the sustainable development of our marine environments.

The 4th GlobalDialogue took place virtually. To accommodate all time zones, two editions of the event were organised; one for those in Asia and the Pacific and one for Africa, the Americas and Europe.

Each edition featured case study presentations (listed below and in the Annexes) showcasing national, regional and multi-country collaborative efforts on ocean accounting and how ocean accounting can help meet specific regional and international commitments. Presentations were followed by breakout sessions designed to exchange knowledge, identify opportunities and generate new ideas on how ocean accounting can address contemporary sustainable ocean development challenges including climate change action, the implementation of the high seas treaty and sustainable Ocean Plan development.

Highlight reel from the 4th Global Dialogue on Ocean Accounting